Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Birthday Advance Suprise + Iftar

15 May 2019 Wednesday

When life doesn’t give you boyfriend/girlfriend, it gives you awesome friends instead. 

Thank you guys for making an another unexpected moment that i wanna keep! I remembered how aisyah told me when hidayah ask me to come together buy the cake “You can’t come. Just do your work!” I was like ok fine cos she said that she just wanna date with hidayah (really, i am totally fine) Later, aisyah cancelled the date because she had class but aisyah still took aisyah's car key to go buy something with aisa. At the time, I was like "boleh je aku teman dayah dehal -_____-". But then, I never thought la that they will buy such a big cake (cos syamil already told me that we will have some dessert. In my mind it is just cupcakes or something small xD
I really don’t know their plan till the end (for celebrating our birthday, salihin) When hazwan says ok we also wanna celebrate bla bla bla january february mac april may and inside my heart (what the — hazwan. May is not finish yet!) Then they start sing the birthday song along. Me again.. (why we need to sing! Whose birthday) After they bring the cake come out, I just get it bahahaha they are celebrating my birthdayyyy (and salihin’s birthday too) I’m too innocent right? I can’t react very well cos i’m too clueless for all of this (syamil said i’m noooob -__-) then I’m eating at that time, what a bad timing.
Lot of Love, Asiah.

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